Self-Directed Care Gives You Choice

Self-Directed Services puts you in charge of your care. You play a more active role in directing your daily care by choosing your direct care worker. You may already have a caregiver identified who meets your needs.  Consumer Direct Montana helps you become the managing employer of the caregivers you select. You recruit, hire and train them, while we take care of the hiring paperwork, payroll tax processing, and paying your caregiver.


Self-Directed Care Gives you Flexibility

Every day is different. Every person is different. Self-direction allows you to modify your day to fit your changing needs. The path toward meeting those needs will have a few turns. We are here to support and assist with your caregiving management.


Self-Directed Care Gives you Independence

Independent living is a matter of pride for individuals living with a disability. A self-directed service model understands that you are the expert of your own needs. You participate in every part of your care from who you hire to when they are in your home. You set the time frame that makes getting to school, meetings or work, engaging in the demands of everyday life, manageable.

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