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Consumer Direct Care Network offers a range of personal alert systems through Phillips Lifeline. A personal emergency alert system helps you maintain independence. Whether you need the go-anywhere protection of GoSafe 2, the automatic fall detection of AutoAlert or the peace of mind offered by HomeSafe. This medical alert service provides simple, fast access to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is recommended by over 90,000 healthcare professionals.

Personal Emergency Response Systems are offered through our Nursing division (also known as Nightingale Nursing, part of the Consumer Direct Care Network).

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Personal Emergency Response Systems

HomeSafe Standard
HomeSafe gives you the confidence to continue moving about your home as you normally would with the reassurance of having quick access to help if you encounter an emergency.

HomeSafe with Auto Alert
HomeSafe with AutoAlert can help you to live on your own terms. AutoAlert is a proven medical alert service designed to detect many types of falls and get you access to help quickly.

GoSafe 2 with AutoAlert
As important as it is to feel safe at home, that feeling should not end when you head out the door. GoSafe with AutoAlert offers access to help both inside and outside your home.

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