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Why is drinking water Important? Image

Why is drinking water Important?


Many people may take drinking water for granted, but keeping hydrated can have a huge impact on overall health. Despite how crucial it is that people drink enough water, a significant amount of people may be failing to drink recommended levels of fluids each day. Around of 70% of...

Learn More About Stress & Health Image

Learn More About Stress & Health


Medical News Today recently published an excellent article on stress and it’s implications on your health. “Stress is significantly associated with virtually all the major areas of disease,” Prof. Hobfoll told MNT. We found this article very compelling and beneficial. To learn more about stress and how it impacts...

What is Home Health? Image

What is Home Health?

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Often when physicians or hospital staff say “Home Health”, they mean that the skills of a healthcare professional, like a registered nurse or therapist, are still needed after your hospitalization to provide continued assistance with your recovery. This might be to continue intravenous antibiotics you have been receiving, draw...