You focus on the possible and we will focus on you.

Consumer Direct Care Network has been providing home health care in Montana since 1990. We are proud to assist you with services that help you and/ or your loved ones remain safe, healthy and independent in your home and community.

We are proud to provide extended services, which encompass our holistic model to include the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your care. Home health care is often associated with caring for those with physical injuries or illness. We know it’s more than that. Your mental well-being is an important part of overall health and can directly affect your physical health. Our Care Network provides you a specialized, licensed and professional interdisciplinary care team to offer an array of homecare services.

To further enhance our services we now provide patients facing life-limiting illnesses, the freedom to live every day of their lives. With the expert care of our hospice team, our patients see improvement in quality of life and increase in life expectancy. We provide more services and greater care so you can live your days fully.