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Consumer Direct Care Network (CDCN) has worked to help Montanans stay healthy and safe in their homes since 1990. We serve Montanans in a range of capacities including through Community First Choice (CFC) and Personal Assistance Services (PAS) caregiving, Private Duty Nursing (through the Big Sky Waiver, EPSDT program, and SDMI Waiver), and with the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) statewide through the Big Sky Waiver and Medicaid State Plan benefit. We will continue to work with participants and their families, as well as nurses and caregivers, throughout the state in our current service areas.

We remain 100% committed to continue to serve participants and their families through our Nursing, Caregiving, and PERS programs, and to support Montanans who value their independence. Medicaid, private insurance, and private pay services are still fully resourced, and our Nursing, Caregiving, and PERS teams continue to provide excellent in-home care. CDCN’s nurses and caregivers serve clients ranging from children to older adults, from those who need a little assistance during the day to those who need 24-hour nursing care. Our goal is to support our participants and their families in their homes, so they have the option of not moving to an assisted care setting or skilled nursing facility.

As you may have read, CDCN recently discontinued providing Medicare-funded services including Home Health and Hospice – a decision made particularly challenging given our stellar reputation for providing high quality of care. We made this difficult decision after many years facing an uneven business environment, and upcoming Medicare rate cuts.

As we move forward to continue to serve Montanans for another 20 years, we remain committed to providing quality care. We continue to be guided by our values – Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. We are connected to the services we provide, to the people we serve, and to each other with a shared a common vision – to help people live the life they want. If you are interested in Private Duty Nursing, Caregiving, or PERS services, please contact us at 406-541-8700, or toll-free at 866-438-8591.