Young white man driving his wheelchair out of a van with a big smile. Young white women watching with a smile.

I am thankful to live in this great land where we are afforded the right to maintain independence at home and in the community.  I grew up with cerebral palsy and have needed assistance with daily living activities for my whole life.  I’m also thankful to work for a company that honors the direct support professionals who contribute to my independence and the independence of others. Due to disability and/or illness, many Americans rely on dedicated direct support professionals to provide support and assistance so we can continue to live, work, and contribute to our communities. The support we receive from these professionals is critical to our ability to continue to be productive members of society

September 10-16 is Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week.  The week recognizes the thousands of professionals who provide direct support to individuals looking to maintain independence across the nation.  Consumer Direct Care Network will be one of the many companies that will recognize direct support professionals for their hard work and excellent service.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 1.8 million Americans hold these jobs.  In the next ten years, this profession is projected to grow at a much faster rate than the average for all occupations.  In order to support the baby-boom generation and future generations, these well respected professionals will continue to support our right to independence.  

At the Care Network, we are proud to align our appreciation program with this week and celebrate our direct support professionals and their service.  We recognize hours served and welcome them into hour clubs by sharing a letter of thanks and a small appreciation gift.  Here are the hour clubs and the number of nationwide club members in each:  

1,000 Hour Club – 2,215 members
5,000 Hour Club – 679 members
10,000 Hour Club – 254 members
15,000 Hour Club – 114 members
20,000 Hour Club – 41 members
25,000 Hour Club – 11 members

In total, we will celebrate 3,314 club members this year.  It’s awesome to consider the level of commitment it takes to accumulate these hours and the impact these hours have on people’s lives.  To each of our members, we recognize you and thank you for all you do.  You are amazing! 

In the picture: Darren Larson and Cheyenne Strand
By: EmHoganClicks

Darren Larson | Community Relations Coordinator
Consumer Direct Care Network | Development