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In recent years, in-home care has become a viable alternative to nursing homes, rehabilitative facilities and long-term hospital stays. These in-home services allow you to stay in your home as circumstances change.

Home care services are multi-disciplinary and provide care to infants, teens, adults, elderly and those with disabilities. Services are designed to support individual needs. In-Home care is becoming more common because those who need regular care want to remain or recuperate at home surrounded by family and friends.

With home care growing in popularity, in-home care companies often specialize in services ranging from short-term care for a severe injury, illness or recovery from surgery, to daily medical assistance. Licensed nurses and therapists visit the patients to provide services. Not only is it convenient and comfortable, it is typically less expensive than the care offered at an outpatient facility.

Your primary care provider can help you determine the level of care required. Typically, it falls into three categories:

Home Health

Home health care allows you to recover from your injury and/or illness in the comfort of your home. Agencies providing home health services offer nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work services and home health aides or certified nurses’ aides. This full-spectrum of services allows home health agencies to collaborate closely with your primary care provider and individualize your care in your home. All home health agencies specialize in chronic disease management such as (but not limited to) diabetes, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and cardiovascular health.

Home health agencies also specialize in acute care from an injury, surgery or complex wound care. You do not have to wait until after surgery to request home health services. You can begin this discussion with your primary care provider and/or surgeon and set-up home health services prior to surgery. If you are hospitalized you can also request home health as part of your discharge planning.

Home health services are covered by Medicare, Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA), Medicaid, private insurance and workers’ compensation.

Private Duty Nursing

These services offer assistance to infants, children, adults, elderly and those with complex medical needs. These nursing services are available on an intermittent, long-term, hourly, and up to 24 hour care. Nurses provide an array of in-home supports all designed to ensure the highest level of independence and prevention of acute or chronic complications. Examples of services are: diabetes management, medication management, brain injury and spinal cord injury care, ventilator and tracheostomy management, urinary and bowel care management and chronic wound care. 


This is a full range of daily care services, which can extend overnight provided by personal care aides (PCAs) or certified nurses’ aides (CNAs). PCAs and CNAs can help with daily hygiene, bathing, dressing, mobility, and meal planning and preparation, which includes any special diet requirements as well as eating assistance. They can help run simple errands, light housekeeping, companionship and, in many cases, transportation.

Quality in-home personal care providers understand that Members also need mental stimulation and human contact in order to stay well.

It is important to inquire about the medical qualifications of any in-home care providers you are considering. All workers should have the proper training, degrees and certifications.

If you are unclear about the exact level of medical care you or your loved one will require, ask your primary care provider.

Depending on the needs for private duty nursing and caregiving, Medicaid programs and the VA may cover these services based on your qualifications. Otherwise, most private duty nursing and caregiving is not covered by Medicare, private insurance or workers’ compensation.

If you are uncertain which type of care you need, our veteran team of professionals can expertly assist you in choosing the appropriate level of care.

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